UNL Disability Club Disability is Diversity

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Welcome - We Want You!

We are a registered student organization, open to all students and community members with or without disabilities.

New Office Location: Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center, Room 316 (Third floor, immediately adjacent to the elevator).

Spring 2018 Scheduled Events:

Event: Club Meeting

Day: Wednesday 2/28/18

Location: Nebraska Union, Colonial A

Time: 5:15 pm - 6:30 pm

Details: Join us tomorrow for our regular club meeting at Nebraska Union, Colonial A.

Agenda: Guest Speaker - Jan Deeds, UNL Women's Center, will discuss bystander interventions, teaching us how to successfully deescalate the dialog when having difficult conversations. Come join us for a discussion of this important topic!

People with or without disabilities welcome!

Get In Contact

Need an accommodation for our club meetings, events or media? Contact us at unldisabilityclub@unl.edu. (We will do our best to accommodate on short notice but prefer 48 hours to 2 weeks advance notice depending on requirements. Thank you!).

Our Mission:

The object of the UNL Disability Club is to:

  1. Share information and resources pertinent to the educational advancement of students with disabilities; and
  2. Provide advocacy for students with disabilities; and
  3. Provide a setting for students with disabilities to get to know each other and promote camaraderie between them; and
  4. Provide a support network in higher education for students with disabilities; and
  5. Raise awareness of UNL faculty, staff and students to the types of disabilities in society: physical, learning, cognitive, and hidden disabilities and sensitize the University community to the needs in areas of programming, curriculum, recruitment, and retention of faculty, staff, and students with disabilities; and
  6. Create a dialog on campus in an effort to remove obstacles for participation in higher education for people with disabilities, as well as to ensure inclusion of people with disabilities in campus diversity initiatives; and
  7. Explore the impact of disability on individuals and society; and
  8. Pursue national and international networking and sponsorship opportunities for the group.

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